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2022 Show Rules

Exceptions to the following rules will be the judgment of the three Arena Judges selected by the Log Show President. The Arena Judges decision is final.  Arena Judges are Jeff Engholm, Dan Williamson, and Kendal Cain.

Each contestant must meet and conform to the following qualifications:

  1. He must be an active logger during the past year in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish or Island County.
  2. He must be a logger at least 18 years of age or competed the year before – exhibition does not count as competing. Any exceptions must be voted on by the body at a General Meeting.
  3. He must sign a Waiver of Liability and be issued a contestant number prior to eliminations.
  4. He must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time during the competition.
  5. Absolutely no changes will be made to the Rules after the first general meeting in April.
  6. All contestants must have on a gate entry wrist band to compete.
  7. No Bright colored shirts, orange or lime green, to be worn by contestants.


General Contest Rules:

  1. Official timers will be the only timers allowed in the arena.
  2. Decisions of the Arena Judges are final.
  3. General interpretation of contest rules will be made by the Event Foreman.
  4. Contestants must compete both days in the event they have entered to be eligible for a trophy. Exceptions may be made in case of injury or equipment failure at the discretion of the Arena Judges.
  5. In all speed contests, except Chain Saw events, the contestants having the best time of either day shall be declared winner(s), even if their time is made in any official contest prior to the show. Chain saw events will use combined times from both days to determine the winner.
  6. Best total time will be used to break a tie contest and determine the winner
  7. Axe throwing, and obstacle choker setting are classified secondary events. A contestant must compete in at least one other “point” event to be eligible to compete in a secondary event.
  8. Entry and eliminations of all events will open at 10:00 a.m. and be closed at Noon the first morning of the show.
  9. All contestants must complete events entered or (1 ½) points will be deducted from All Round Loggers Trophy point totals.  If a contestant enters an event and then has his time eliminated so he can compete in another event will also result in a (1 ½) point deduction.
  10. Any contestant who misses his heat in any event will be disqualified.
  11. Ma and Pa buckers must wear t-shirts, long pants and tennis shoes or work boots.

Point Scoring System:

  1. Individual events score for an accumulative total.
  • (1) First place will be awarded three (3) points.
  • (2) Second place will be awarded two (2) points.
  • (3) Third place will be awarded one (1) point.
  • Iron Man will be awarded as follows:
    • First place (4) points
    • Second place (3) points
    • Third place (2) points
    • Fourth place (1) point.

2.Team events score for an accumulative total at half the individual rate.

  • Each member of the first-place team will receive (1 ½) points.
  • Each member of the second-place team will receive one (1) point.
  • Each member of the third-place team will receive (½) point.

No points will be awarded toward an accumulated total, but trophies will be presented for the following exhibitions:

  • Loggers Relay Race
  • Novice Events
  • Best Load of Logs
  • Ma and Pa Bucking
  • Hot Saw Bucking
  • Best Load of Logs – Doubles

All Around Logger: The contestant accumulating the most total points through both days of the show will be awarded a trophy acclaiming him All-Around Logger.  If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by the throw of an axe.

Competition Events:

Loggers Relay Race (If more than ten teams-each team will run only one day)

  • Foreman: Alec and Bryce Postlewait

Time starts when one member of each five (5) man team dives into the log rolling pond and finds a choker on the bottom of the pond.  That contestant then runs to the spar tree.  With choker properly set, he then tags the next teammate – a log chopper – who chops through his log, the chopper then runs over and tags a double bucker, who with his teammate, bucks through their log.  When their block hits the ground, one member runs and tags a teammate with a chain saw, who will use that saw to buck a slice from his respective log. A 5 second penalty will be added for dropping or rocking the saw. The chain saw bucker will then run and jump into the pond, thereby ending the time.  If the saws run out of their cuts, respective penalties will be added by the judges.

All saws will be furnished by the Log Show.  Chopping logs will be approximately six (6) inches in diameter.  Contestants who are participating in choker setting, standing block chopping, double bucking, or power saw bucking events, may not participate in that respective counter portion of the logger’s relay event.

Pole Falling

  • Forman: Brett Enghom & Brian Knutzen

This event is judged on time and accuracy.  Contestants will have axe in hand standing on his pre-mounted springboard.  He must chop his under-cut, reverse himself on his springboard, and commence his back cut.  The chopper’s target is a cone located fifteen (15) feet from the base of his pole.  Time starts at “GO” and stops when the pole hits the ground.  A twenty (20) second penalty is assessed if the pole does not hit the cone.  Poles will be twenty-five (25) feet long, Alders (33) inches in circumference.  First five (5) contestants entered will close the event.  There will be a two (2) second penalty if the springboard slopes more than twelve (12) inches.  Springboard needs to be free standing and at least two feet above ground.

Choker Setting

  • Forman: Sparky Parks & Andy Larsen

Contestants must start with caulk boots and hard hats. At the sound of “GO” each chokerman must run from the small log to the large log and jump or hurdle it and dash to where the chokers have been laid near the spar tree.  Grabbing a choker, they go back over the large log, dragging their chokers and run to the small log.  After properly setting their chokers around the small log, they return to the large log where their time will finish when contact is made with the log.

Double Bucking

  • Forman: Steve Williamson & Clyde Blockley

Two men, one on each end of a hand-bucking saw, will saw an end off a log.  An oiler-wedger may aid if desired but is not to touch the saw.  Time begins at “GO” and is over when the slice hits the ground.  Double Bucking logs will be between (22) inches and (26) inches in diameter.  Two (2) saws will be furnished by Deming Logging Show.  This may be the same log as used for Single Hand Bucking.  All contestants must use the saws that are furnished by the Log Show.

Trailer Backing

  • Forman: Steve MacDonald, Jeff Engholm & Hank Maleng

This event is judged on the quickest single run of either day.  Truck and trailers will be backed using mirrors.  Back window will be covered to obscure vision.  Course will be laid out with pylons and reach stake in center of end line.  Driver will start time with “toot” of air horn and finish when end of trailer reach strikes or passes the course stake.  A ten (10) second penalty will be assessed for the end of the reach not hitting the end stake.  A five (5) second penalty will be assessed for each pylon hit.  Draw for order of appearance.

Log Rolling

  • Forman: Jake Sande and Skylar Isaacson

Log sizes are (20) inches, (16) inches, and (12) inches.  The log will have a stripe painted around the center that the contestants are not to cross.  The event will start with a contestant on each end of the log.  The contestant who stays on the log the longest wins the fall.  Two out of three falls constitutes a heat.  A total group of contestants will pair off and roll against each other through these heats until all but the winner is eliminated.  The contests will start on the biggest log and after (5) five minutes without a fall they will switch to a smaller log.

Axe Throwing

  • Forman: Kerry Thalhofer

This is a secondary event; loggers must compete in at least 1 other event.  Contestants will draw for order of appearance and make three throws only at the contest target.  Center of the bullseye will be exactly sixty (60) inches above the ground.

The target will be a (36) inch diameter block with five (5) scoring areas:  Four-inch bullseye with four each four-inch-wide rings.  The bullseye will score five (5) points, the inner ring four (4) points, and so on with the outer ring scoring one (1) point.  The contestant will stand anywhere behind the twenty (20) foot line and throw a double bitted axe with a head weight of at least (2 ½) pounds (Axes will be tested for weight) and an overall length of at least (24) inches.  The axe must stick in the target to score and need only touch the outer edge of a scoring area to win that point.  Eliminations will be made to eight (8) contestants.  If there is a tie, the best single throw wins – No warmup. No double sticks allowed.

Tree Topping

  • Forman: John Horsmon

This event is judged on time.  Contestants will draw for tree and order of appearance.  With equipment, tied to tree, one foot spurred in the tree, and the other foot on the ground, time begins at “GO”.  At the top, pre-cuts having been installed and taped for equal circumference, the contestant will adjust his rope and commence sawing in the uppermost pre-cut. Time will end when the sawed block hits the ground.  The safety line must be lowered after a contestant has made his cut to clear starting for the next contestant.  Only saws furnished by the Log Show will be used.  The climber’s rope must go all the way around his back and be tied or it must be State L & I approved tree service climbing gear.

Cable Splicing

  • Forman: Ryan McNeilly & Nick DeKriek

This event is judged on time; starts at “GO” and stops when splice is completed.  Chokers must be spiked to each block forming a loop before each contestant draws for a number.  A standard logging splice must be made using (¾) inch cable.  One strand may be unwound from the tail.  The cable strands must be tucked and pulled tight (3) times.  All strands must be completed, or the splice will be disqualified.  The core will not be tucked.  A penalty of (10) seconds will be assessed for frazzled wires and (10) seconds will be assessed for loose strands.  The event foreman will have pre-selected the judges, and judge’s decisions are final. Tail of line must be on ground, no leg wraps.


  • Forman:

Logs should be turned or trimmed to the same diameter (10 or 12 inches) and then numbered.  Each alder log, 10 or 12-inch diameter by four (4) feet long will have been nailed to secure one end and each will be shaved to stand on.  Contestants will draw for log and order of appearance.  Time will start at “GO” and stop when the log has been parted into two (2) pieces.

Hand Bucking

  • Forman: Steve Williamson & Clyde Blockley

Using a handsaw the contestant will cut a slice from (18) inch to (20) inch diameter Cottonwood log.  Starting cuts of equal size will have been made.  Contestants will draw for a log and order of appearance.  Time will start at “GO”.  Saw must cut completely through the wood and not be used to pry-cut.  Each contestant will be allowed a second person to oil and wedge, but not touch the saw.  Time will end when the slice hits the ground.  Two (2) saws will be furnished by The Deming Logging Show, and ONLY these saws may be used.

Novice Hand Bucking

  • Forman: Steve Williamson & Clyde Blockley

Rules from Hand Bucking event apply.  If contestant wins two (2) years in a row they will move up to Hand Bucking and no longer be considered novice.

Speed Climbing

  • Forman: Ryan Lenssen & John Horsman

This event is judged on time.  Timing begins at “GO” and finishes when he or part of his equipment rings the bell at the top of the tree.  The contestant must have at least one foot on the ground or starting platform at the starting signal.  His climbing rope must be at least (7/8) inch in diameter with steel core.  The climber’s rope must go all the way around his back and be tied or be State L & I approved tree service equipment.

Novice Speed Climbing

  • Forman: Michael Arnhart

Rules from Speed Climbing event apply.  If contestant wins two (2) years in a row they will move up to Speed Climbing and no longer be considered novice.

Hot Saw Bucking

  • Forman: James VanDyk

This event is judged on the time in which a block is cut off a log.  Time starts when chain hits wood and ends when the block hits the ground.  A maximum of two minutes will be allowed to start each saw.  If the saw will not run it will be moved to the end of the competition sequence and allowed two more minutes before being disqualified.  Prior to the event equipment may be carried into the arena by any available means.  However, equipment must be operated by no more than (2) two men during the actual cutting of the log.  (Only one entry per saw) Maximum log diameter will be (30) inches.  Straight cuts, no butt cuts. 1 cut per saw *Disqualified if more than one cut is made with any 1 saw.

Iron Man

  • Forman: Trent Engholm

This is a non-stop event featuring standing block chop, choker setting, chain saw bucking, and hand bucking.  The event starts with standing block chop at “GO”.  When the contestant finishes the chop, he then grabs a choker and runs the length of the arena and sets properly the choker on a log.  After setting the choker, the contestant goes to the end of the log that he has just choked.  He will then cut the end of the log off with a chain saw.  A 5 second penalty will be added for dropping or rocking the saw.  The contestant then runs to the hand bucking block to finish the event by cutting off a slice.  Time ends when block hits the ground.  The (8) contestants from the previous year will run both days.  If any of the previous (8) contestants drop out a new contestant will be selected from a “Waiting List”.

Chain Saw Bucking I – Modified (up to 6.0 cubic inch maximum)

  • Forman: Phil Zwick and Kendal Cain

Only the first twenty (20) contestants shall be accepted for eliminations.  This event is judged on time.  An elimination contest will be held Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., to determine the main contestants.  The main contest will be limited to eight (8) contestants.  These saws must be stock production model power saws.   Pipes or expansion chambers will be allowed.  The foreman of the event may inspect equipment at his request.  We will allow only one (1) contestant per saw.  Logs will be Cottonwood, (24) inches maximum diameter.  Time will start at “GO”, with two hands on the painted line on the log, saw on the ground with motor dead. Time stops when the block hits the ground. Logs will be kept equal size.  There will be a (5) second penalty for an early start.  If you are not there to warm up your saw with the rest of the contestants, you will be disqualified.

Best Load of Logs (single)

  • Forman: Toby Brown & Brett Engholm

Loads must be at The Log Show by 10:00 a.m., Saturday.  All loads will be judged on their own individual merit on a scale of (1) to (10) with (10) being perfect.  Judges will rank each load on this scale in each category indicated.  Any load over legal height or legal width will be automatically disqualified (legal height (14) feet, and legal width (8) feet (6) inches)!!!  Each load will be numbered.  Each judge will score each load individually, and on his own.  Upon completion of judging all numbered loads, judges will turn their score cards into the event foremen.

The Categories Are as Follows:

  1. Tight bunk load.
  2. Logs touching each other on Drivers end (front) of load.
  3. Wrappers will touch all outside logs all of the way around the load.
  4. Logs touching each other on operators end (back) of load.
  5. Well balanced load.

 Best Load of Logs (double)

  • Forman: Toby Brown & Brett Engholm

Loads must be at The Log Show by 10:00 a.m., Saturday.  This event is judged exactly like the best load of logs event.  There is only one difference; these trucks have 2 loads on 2 trailers.  Each load is judged separately, and then points for each load are totaled for an overall Best Load of Logs Double.

Obstacle Choker Setting

  • Forman: Tony Zender & Mark Silves

This is a secondary event; loggers must compete in at least (1) other event.  This event is judged by time.  Two 45ft poles with 6” tops will be positioned with their ends extending above the pond. Contestants will start at the starting point with choker in hand, then proceed up the pole and attempt to choke the pole past a specified point. Contestants must not touch more than one foot on the large supporting log at starting point. The choker may not be set until the contestant passes the first marked line on the pole.  Contestants must not lasso the end of the pole. Contestants must run back down the pole to and touch the supporting log start point to end their time.

Wrapper Throwing (Elimination to (6) contestants)

  • Forman: Matt Zender

(3) Contestants will compete each day during the time the best loads of logs are being run through the arena.  Time starts at “GO”, the contestants will start at the front bumper, run to the chain deck, obtaining their wrappers and binders.  The wrappers must be installed within six (6) feet of the bunks.  The contestant will run back and touch the front bumper to end his time.  Contest will be on different trucks.


Tug of War

  • Forman: Max Zender

Both teams should be of equal weight and pull until one team is pulled across a designated point.

Standing Block Chop

  • Forman: Jesse Galbraith and Nick DeKriek

Logs should be turned or trimmed to the same circumference (30 – 36 inches) by (2 ½) feet long and will be secured in specified block holder.  Contestant will draw for log and order of appearance.  Time will start at “GO” and stop when the block hits the ground.


  • Forman: Ole Gunderson

Saws must be as close to original as possible.  The saws will be dogged in with the engine dead.  Any saw which does not start and keep running within one minute will be disqualified.  Two men may carry the saw into the arena, but after the saw is dogged in, only one operator will be allowed.  The first eight (8) saws to sign up will close the event.  Four saws will run before the show and four will run during the show.

Chain Saw Bucking II – Stock

  • Forman:  Phil Zwick and Kendal Cain

No hot fuel use show gas. This event is for stock working class saws 6.0 cubic inch and smaller.  No modifications to the saw or chain.  All saws must be factory made.  No racing chains, no pipes or modified mufflers.  Contestants will start with the saw on the ground, turned off, two hands on the painted line on the log.  At “Go”, the contestant will start the saw, make 3 cuts in 4” space, one down cut, one up cut and one more down cut. Time stops when block hits the ground.  If more than ten contestant’s signs up, eliminations will be held Saturday morning. Contestants will not be allowed to share chainsaws.

Chain Saw Bucking III – 140CC

  • Forman:  Kendal Cain

140cc Chainsaw production saw. Pipes allowed one cut per contestant. Time stars when the chain hits the wood and ends when the wood hits the ground.















Program of Events             DEMING LOG SHOW                        June          2022

All elimination will be held between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. for the following events:

Power Saw Bucking, Trailer Backing; Axe Throwing, and Wrapper Throwing.

Before Show Events:   12:00 Noon    Trailer Backing                                   -4 drivers

Log Rolling                                         -2 falls

Novice Log Rolling                            -2 falls

Old Timers Tree Falling-

Wrapper Throwing                             -3 drivers


1:00 P.M.  ALL CONTESTANTS LINE UP FOR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND INVOCATION.  Dedication, one minute of silence, present Bull of the Woods, and introductions.

  1. Pole Falling ———————————————         Brian Knutzen & Brett Engholm
  2. Cable Splicing ——————————————        Nick DeKriek & Ryan McNielly
  3. Best load of logs Doubles——————————         Brett Engholm & Toby Brown
  4. Best load of logs —————————————-        Brett Engholm & Toby Brown
  5. Wrapper Throwing ————————————-       Matt Zender
  6. Trailer Backing —————————————–       Steve McDonald, Jeff Engholm & Hank Maleng
  7. Obstacle Choker Setting ——————————-        Tony Zender & Mark Silves
  8. Quinn’s Auction Loads——————————— Toby Brown
  9. Novice Log Rolling ————————————         Jake Sande and Skylar Isaacson
  10. Novice Speed Climbing (1st Heat) —————— Michael Arnhart

(All other heats when ready)

  1. Choker Setting (all heats) —————————– Sparky Parks & Andy Larsen
  2. Hand Bucking (1st heat) —————————— Steve Williamson & Clyde Blockley

(All other heats when ready) (Pick up big log and set up power saw log)

  1. Novice Hand Bucking ——————————— Steve Williamson & Clyde Blockley
  2. Double Bucking (1st heat) —————————- Steve Williamson & Clyde Blockley

(All other heats when ready)

  1. Chain Saw Bucking I Modified(Set up relay)——  Phil Zwick & Kendal Cain
  2. Chain Saw Bucking III 140CC(Need Fill-in)—— Kendal Cain
  3. Log Rolling ——————————————— Denny Rathjen and Gary Point
  4. Kids Tree Climb ————————————— John Horsmon & Michael Arnhart
  5. Loggers Relay (all heats) (need fill-in) ————- Alec and Bryce Postlewait
  6. Axe Throwing —————————————— Kerry Thalhofer
  7. Standing Block Chop ——————————— Jesse Galbraith and Nick DeKriek
  8. Speed Climbing (all heats when ready) (need fill-in) – Ryan Lenssen & John Horsmon
  9. Ma & Pa Bucking (all heats when ready) (need fill-in) Bryce Postlewait

(Alternate with speed climb)

  1. Iron Man ———————————————- Trent Engholm emoved Roger
  2. Pro Speed Climbing ———————————- Guy Linderman

(Set up Obstacle Choker Setting) (Need fill-in)

  1. Tree Topping (all heats) (need fill-in) ————– John Horsmon
  2. Kids Log Rolling ————————————– DJ Rathjen
  3. Chain Saw Bucking II Stock————————- Phil Zwick &Kendal Cain
  4. Hot Saw Bucking ————————————– James VanDyk
  5. Top of the Tree Act ———————————— Guy Linderman
  6. Tug of War ———————————————- Max Zender

Put covers on pond:  Install new falling poles and Old Timers Poles on Saturday.



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