Silver Axe Award


This award goes to individuals who have dedicated many hours of volunteering for the Deming Logging Show. In the years past we have lost records of those who have received this special awards… If you or someone you know has received this award be sure and let us know so we can add your name to the lists.

2019 Justin Offredi, Trevor Baisden, Marcy Poortinga, & Jodi Compton

2018 Guy Smith, Roger VanWeerdhuizen, Randy Zwick & Sean Duling

2017 Glenn Johnson, Ed Sofie, & Lyle & Eric Alexander

2016 Rob Graham & Moose & Maxine O’Brien

2015 Steve McDonald, Bob & Kelli Larsen

2014 Troy Chilcote, Trent Baisden, Phil Zwick, & Mark McDonald

2013  Frank & Angie Cain

2012 Molly Lenssen (Hatchet)

2011 Allen Ross & Joe Haddad

2009  Shannon Chilcote and Grant Pederson

2008 Ron Palmer,  Tom Amos, Larry Brown & Alan Drafs

2007  Brian Gates, Jay Layman and Dave & Shelly DeBruin

2006 Jeff Halle, Doyle Schmidt and Hank Maleng Jr.

2005 John Lootens, Dave & Kaye Syre, and Bernie Ryan

2004 Jim & Dawn Buckenmeyer, Ray & Betty Ross, Doreen Wiebe and Darrell Knutzen

2002 Ralph Minaker, Laurie Zender, Toby & Sherry Brown, John & Jolene Baisden

2001 Gage Drafs, Mike & Susie Impero, Brett & Arlene Engholm and Gordy Scott

2000 Jeff Engholm and Bill Zender

1999 Brian and Stacy Cain

1998 Mike DeKriek, Frank & Kathleen Cain, John & Toni Keene, Earl and Phyllis Quinn

1997 Bill Zender and Frank & Angie Cain

1995 Jim Williamson and Dan & Theresa Williamson

1994 Ron Zwick & Chuck Pederson

1993 Chuck Pederson and Dave Simpson

1989 Vic Engholm

1988 Jean & Manny VanDyk

1985 Don & Lucy Hamilton


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