Tug O War

The Tug O War has been canceled for the 2021 Deming Logging Show.

We hope to have it back next year!

tug o war

Rules of the Loggers against kids tug-o-war

1. Maximum combined weight 1500 human pounds per team, including clothing and footwear.
2. All competition will be conducted using 60 foot x1 1/4″ rope.
3. Gloves are permissible.
4. There will be a 10 minute time limit for each match, the winner is declared when: A. Entire team has crossed center line, or end of the rope. B. Time expires and the team with the most rope in their direction wins.
5. The rope shall not be knotted, tied or wrapped around any team member.
6. Sitting down as an individual or team tactic will not be allowed. Members must make every effort to stay on their feet at all times.
7. Coaches will not be allowed to touch the rope or make physical contact with any of the members of the team.
Any violation as judged by officials will result in the loss of that team member for the duration of the pull.

Results:  Kids 33, Loggers 8

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