Watch for camping reservation dates to be announced spring of 2023!


Camping reservations are for both Friday and Saturday nights. $20 per night for dry camping and $30 per night for hook-ups

Please see the rules and regulation below to learn about camping at the log show.

Deming Logging Show RV Camping Rules and Regulations

Camping is available at the Deming Log Show grounds on a reservation only basis.

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1. RV camping is for use by persons spending the weekend to attend the Deming Logging Show. All
reservations are for two nights and all campsites must be used for camping not as additional space.
Only one automobile per campsite. No Exceptions. Additional vehicles must use “day parking“.

2. All campsites must be reserved by someone over 21 years of age. That person will be held
responsible for any and all activities taking place in that particular campsite. Camping fees must
be paid in full at time of reservation and refunds will only be issued if Deming Logging Show is

3. Payment is required for all RV spots (except for current or past Bulls of the Woods), including
hookups along the fence line. Fee for camping entitles you to (1) 14 ft wide space, with a length
of 20 to 40 ft depending on location.

4. Everyone in the camping area will be required to purchase, and wear, a wristband. Wristbands
will allow entrance to the show. This will be strictly enforced by security, the RV crew and gate
personnel. Again, if you are in the camping area Friday through Sunday, you are required to
purchase, and wear, a wristband. Deming Logging Show is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged

5. There will be NO vehicle access in or out of the RV camping area after 10:00 pm Friday and
Saturday. RV camping area will observe a quiet time from Midnight to 6:00 am. This will be strictly
enforced by Deming Logging Show Security and the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department.

6. Please observe the 5 mph speed limit. In conjunction with children, the Deming Logging Show
members depend on it. You must always park in a space that does not block the 30 foot fire access
lanes, and is not intended as a space to be rented by another RV camper.

7. Visitors other than campers are welcome but MUST park in “Day Parking”. All visitors are
required to purchase and wear a wristband.

8. As it is Whatcom County law, all pets need to be properly restrained or on leashes. Pets that
are impounded will be done at the owner’s expense.

9. Open fires are prohibited, but well contained fires in a barbecue, barrel or truck wheel are
allowed if placed safely away from vehicles and other RV campers. Wheels are available on a first
come first serve basis and will rent for $5.00 for the weekend. Firewood is also available for
purchase. Wheels and firewood can be requested at the RV parking entrance.

10. The Deming Logging Show expects that noise will be kept to a minimum, and all RV campers will
respect one another. It is also expected that all garbage will be placed in the cans or dumpsters

11. It is recommended that you secure all valuables when not at your campsite, particularly coolers
and other portable items.

12. Riding ANY off road vehicles around inside the camping area will not be allowed. Again, this
will be strictly enforced by the Deming Logging Show and the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department.

13. Alcohol may only be consumed at your campsite and only by persons 21 and older

14. In case of an emergency please contact an RV attendant at the RV camping check-in gate or
Deming Logging Show security at the main entrance.

15. As needed, you may connect to a water hydrant to refill your water tank(s), when full you must
disconnect. Other than along the chain link fence, no permanent or continuous connections are

16. Consideration for issues not addressed within these rules and regulations will be at the
discretion of the Deming Logging Show president and/or
the RV parking director.


For general camping questions contact the Log Show Grounds at 360.592.3051 or email

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