Bull of the Woods

Congrats to the 2022

2022 Bull of Woods

Lonny Schroeder

I am humbled to have been elected the 2022 Bull of The Woods. It is the highest honor given here at the Deming Logging Show and I am thankful to have been selected. Having been the President in 1982 and, along with my wife Shirley, the Gold Axe winner in 1997, this makes me one of only 15 “Triple Crown” winners.

The Deming Logging Show began in 1964.  My involvement started in 1968 as a log rolling contestant. I was also the singer and guitar player in a 3-piece band which performed at many of the Logging Show dances and parties.  In 1969, the need arose for a new emcee and having done a few radio commercials to promote the Show it was suggested that I could do it! In short order I was named Arena Announcer. I am proud to say I held that position for 40 years and still fill in as needed! For several years our involvement in the Log Show was a family affair. I was a two-time secretary, multi-year executive board member and then of course my time as President.  My wife Shirley served as head scorekeeper for 10 years and my girls helped out wherever they could. 



I was born in Denison, Iowa in 1946. I lived and worked on my dad’s farm until I was 19. In 1965, I decided that if my ship was ever going to come in, I should be a little closer to the water, so I followed my brother to Western Washington, landing in Deming.  I stayed with my future in-laws, the Pefleys.  I spent two years in the Navy, then in 1967 Shirley and I married and started our family. Our family lived in Deming for over 50 years, and just 6 years ago, Shirley and I “downsized” to a nice little place outside of Lynden. We share Becky Tomtan (husband Tony Lafeen, son Brenton), and Brenda Chapin (husband Bill).  Together they blessed us with four grandsons, Travis, Trent, Austin, & Peytin.  Travis married Shelby in 2014 and we now have two great-granddaughters, Sadie & Harper. 

In 1965, I began working in the woods for Zee Brothers Logging as a chaser, choker man, and log truck driver.  I moved on to Alpine Excavating where I met Carroll York, who taught me more about the road-building business than anybody. He introduced me to the blasting industry, which later became my primary profession. He was my friend and a good man.  I spent one season as a timber cutter for Sherm Ousdale. I would later work for Barter & Marr, and Clauson Lime, and then Bill Corning where I became road foreman for 4 years.  In 1980, Shirley and I decided to form our own company, Schroeder Road Construction.  I began with logging road construction and over the years transitioned to housing site preparation.  Dan Williamson and I formed a secondary company, Clearwater Investments, and we built and sold spec houses for 11 years. 

In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy hunting and fishing.  I’ve hunted in western Montana for many years and really love the landscape and scenery. In 1991, Shirley and I bought some lake-front property in Trout Creek, Montana where we built a vacation home.  The family enjoyed several years of beautiful, quiet escapes at “the cabin”.

It’s been a pleasure to have been associated with the men and women of this valley. I have traveled halfway around the world and been in every state west of the Mississippi, and have yet to see another organization that runs as true and efficiently as the Deming Logging Show.





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