Bull of the Woods

Congrats to the 2017 Bull of the Woods, Dean Hamilton

dean1 I would like to thank the Deming Log Show Committee for honoring me as the 2017 Bull of the Woods. I take great honor in being recognized as the 2nd member of the Hamilton family to have this title. In 1985 my father Don Hamilton was honored to be named Bull of the Woods.

I was born January 15, 1943 to loving parents Don & Lucy Hamilton in Bellingham, WA. I grew up in Kendall, WA with 8 siblings David, Darlene, Denny, Diane, Dixie, Donna, Doreen & Donny. While growing up dad taught us about logging and the woods, he was a horse logger.

I graduated in 1961 from Mt. Baker High School and began working in the woods & logging industry and also driving truck. In 1962 I married my high school sweetheart DeEtta Needham in Lynden, WA. We settled in the Whatcom County area and continued in the logging industry and began our family in 1964. Our 5 children are Cary, Kevin, Kim, Deana, & Shane. My first job was driving a truck for my brother Denny and it was the Old green International-short logger. I purchased my own truck in 1963 and later Denny & I became partners in Hamilton Brothers Logging & Trucking.

In 1976 we moved to Sedro Woolley. Hamilton Brothers Logging & Trucking began working for Georgia Pacific, Mt. Baker Plywood & other local companies. The dream of logging became reality when Georgia Pacific, in 1978 gave us the opportunity to begin logging with a tower. From there logging started from 1 tower to 5 towers, 3 trucks to 29 trucks, a lot of hard working men, logging days were good. Our production over the years was because of the hard working crew we had. You can have the best tools and equipment money can buy and you’ll fall short of the mark. We were thankful to have dependable, reliable & hard working men that allowed us to be successful in the logging industry. We produced in a 6 month period an average of 50 loads per day.

Dean I would like to thank all who worked with or for Hamilton Brother’s Logging & Trucking. Special thanks to employees of Georgia Pacific and to my boss Gordy Iverson.

I retired in 1988 from Logging and began a new business in designing and manufacturing of the TRD -1000 Septic, buying & selling of real estate & dealing with old cars.

In 2010 Hamilton Brothers logging & Trucking donated the Skagit Tower to the Deming Log Show . Thanks to all log show members and a special thanks to John Tucker for his countless hours in making the tower arrive on display here at the Deming Log Show. I appreciate John for the years of dedication and friendship we have shared.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Gullian-Barre syndrome a rare but serious autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in your peripheral nervous system. This disease has caused me to be wheel chair reliable. I would like to thank my sisters, our family and niece Debbie deHoog for the daily 24 hour loving care, while I spent almost a year in the hospital and recovery.

I have changed my career from working in the woods to working with wood in my wood shop. I enjoy creating wood items for family members and donating wood items to charities. I just finished working on a fleet of all wood log trucks and it brings back the memories of the big trucks.

A special thanks to my wife of 54 years for her love and support and to my children/spouses and our 18 grandkids & 11 great grandkids for always being there for me.

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