Gold Axe Award

Some of the most important people in this log show never receive a trophy. Seventeen years ago we started something new. A gold engraved axe is awarded in recognition of unselfish work over the years, in furthering the interest of the Deming Logging Show.

In the past years we have auctioned chrome axes, but money can’t buy a Gold Axe. It’s awarded on performance only. This award is made at Sunday’s show. The gold axe is an old time falling axe donated by Larry McPhail.

We place this award very highly. The highest honor we have is to be Bull of the Woods, the second is to serve as President and the third is to receive the Gold Axe.

The award committee consists of the current president, Earl Quinn and Sherman Ousdale.

2013 Archie Pullar

2012 Grant Pederson

2011 Steve “Sparky” Parks

2010 Jeff Engholm

2009 George & Andrianne Eastwood

2008 Jerry & Lurline Hammer

2007 Alan & Gage Drafs

2006 Howard & Shirley Dorsey

2005 Ryan & Wendy Lenssen

2004 Lloyd & Lee Graham

2003 Paul & Carolyn Kriegel

2002 Tuffy & Wilma Barter

2001 Gordy and Carol Iverson

2000 Frank & Angie Cain

1999 Don Ryan

1998 Byron Wood

1997 Lonny & Shirley Schroeder

1996 Jim Williamson, Dan & Theresa Williamson

1995 Bob & Kelli Larsen

1994 Arnie and Robin Zwick

1993 Cal & JoAnne Conley

1992 Troy & Tammy Baisden

1991 Jay & Norma Lambert

1990 Manny & Jean Van Dyk

1989 Joe & Lois Zender

1988 Gary and Sue Van Dyk

1987 Steve & Pam Pederson, Brian and Carla Pederson

1986 Sherman & Liz Ousdale

1985 Marty & Donna Klix

1984 Thorie and Sylvia Finsrud

1983 Red & Bev Zender

1982 Earl & Phyllis Quin

1981 Clem & Marilyn Brown

1980 Bill & Marlene Blockely

1979 LeRoy & Irene Philliber

1978 Jack and Stella Zwick

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