2021 Deming Log Show Winners

Deming Logging Show Winners

2021 Show


Chris Hamilton

All Around Logger

Nick VanBrocklin

Gold Axe

Randy Zwick

Philip Zwick

Silver Axe

Mike Bowen

Darren Schmidt

Troy Filbert

Bre Pederson

President Watch

Trevor Baisden

Tammy Baisden

Most Active Non-Contestant

Bob Larsen

Best Load of Logs

1. Eastwood Trucking #9

Driver: Brandon Benson

Loader: Dan Main

Logger: Nielsen Bros.

2. Scoleri #8

Driver: Cody Manke

Loader: Marcus Stein

Logger: 3 Rivers

3. Tellefsens

Driver: Jeff Tellefsen

Loader: Matt Magee

Logger: Matt Magee  

Best Load of Logs–Doubles

Covey Company #5

Driver: Todd Covey

Loader: Jeff Sande

Logger: ALRT/Blodel Timer Lands

Axe Throwing

  1. Justin Offredi 25
  2. Nick VanBrocklin 24-5 
  3. Kendal Cain 24-3

Cable Splicing

  1. Ryan Lenssen/Erik Anderson 1:46.93
  2. Justin Offredi/Phil Zwick 2:28.88
  3. Nick DeKriek/Lars Robinson 3:11.40

Chain Saw Bucking (Modified)

  1. Justin Offredi 8.84
  2. Kris DeKriek 9.49
  3. Kendal Cain 9.66

Chain Saw Bucking II (Stock)

  1. Kendal Cain 5.16
  2. Andy Hodder 5.31
  3. Will Mathews 5.72

Chain Saw Bucking III (140CC)

  1. Andy Hodder 8.28
  2. Kendal Cain 9.75
  3. Will Mathews 11.56

Choker Setting

  1. Chris Hamilton 21.00
  2. Jacob White 21.59
  3. Bryce Postlewait 21.97

Double Bucking

  1. Kendal Cain/Gage Robinson 19.29
  2. Les Kyle/Tony Kyle 22.10
  3. Jim Kyle/Jason Henningson 31.40

Hand Bucking

  1. Nick VanBrocklin 33.81
  2. Tony Kyle 34.16
  3. Les Kyle 45.47

Hot Saws

  1. Nick Taklo/ Bubba Simplot 1.22
  2. Kraig Harvey/Troy Filbert 2.42
  3. Nick Taklo/Scott MacKenzie 2.55

Iron Man

  1. Nick VanBrocklin 1:30.28
  2. Tony Kyle 2:11.46
  3. Jason Henningson 2:12.44
  4. Tyler Bergstrom 2:17.50

Kids Log Rolling

  1. Grady Smith 
  2. Weston Rathjen
  3. Breckin Fowler

Kids Speed Climbing 30ft.

  1. NONE

Kids Speed Climbing 50ft.

  1. NONE

Log Rolling 

  1. Skylar Isaacson
  2. Carsen Monaghan
  3. Christopher Rathjen

Loggers Relay

  1. Strider Const. 1:14.00
  2. Team RVW 1:21.41
  3. 3 Rivers Cutting 1:21.45

Ma and Pa Bucking

  1. Ed Williams/Jerilyn Klix 15.56
  2. Justin Offredi/Meg Offredi 21.31
  3. Rick Williamson/Liz Williamson 22.41

Novice Hand Bucking

  1. Chris Hamilton 38.45
  2. Gage Robinson 42.67
  3. Tyler Bergstrom 47.59

Novice Log Rolling

  1. None

Novice Speed Climb

  1. Clint Macy 27.61
  2. Damian Howder 32.13

Obstacle Choker Setting

  1. Marcus Young 17.75
  2. Carsen Monaghan 23.06
  3. Bryce Postlewait 25.33

Pole Falling

  1. Les Kyle 1:01.25
  2. Nick VanBrocklin 1:02.55
  3. Kris DeKriek 1:05.22

Speed Climbing

  1. Travis Bouwman 22.41
  2. Tyler Bergstrom 27.37
  3. Levi Merritt 59.18

Speed Climbing-Championship

  1. Carsen Monaghan 32.94
  2. Eric Holburg 34.56

Standing Block Chop

  1. Nick VanBrocklin 32.54
  2. Jason Henningson 35.03
  3. Ed Williams 48.44

Trailer Backing

  1. Adam Grimes 8.89
  2. Alfie Berg 9.08
  3. Devin Madonia 9.93

Tree Topping

  1. Travis Bouwman 1:28.60
  2. Tyler Bergstrom 2:08.66
  3. Nolan Meece 2:59.40


  1. None

Wrapper Throwing

  1. Chris Husby 1:26.97
  2. Mark Silves 1:30.97
  3. Jason Henningson 1:41.31

Show and Shine

Highway Division 

  1. VanderYacht Propane

Low Boy Division

  1. O’Brein Trucking #1

Dump Truck – Truck and Trailer Division 

  1. Peterson Trucking #130

Dump Truck – Solo Division

  1. SCE Inc. #6

  Log Truck Division 2018-New

  1. Todd Covey #5

Log Truck Division 2017 and older

  1. Rob Graham #57

Antique Division

  1. John Stevenson

Show Truck

  1. Lee Hetterly

Best in Show

  1. J & M Trucking #6

2021 Bull of the Woods | Brian Knutzen

I would like to thank the Deming Logging Show for the honor of being the 2021 Bull of the Woods. Twice in my logging career, the DLS has helped me when I was unable to work due to an injury. With a young family, and not a lot of money, the money from DLS put food on the table until State Industrial kicked in. I am forever grateful to DLS for the help.

      For the past 50 years I have been involved with the DLS in one way or another: from cutting the cedar logs for the roof on the museum, to helping cut timber sales the Log Show had. I’ve been in charge of setting up the pole-falling event for over 20 years. The only event I have participated in is the Old Timers’ Pole Falling,  when Gordy Scott asked me to help out.

      I’ve been involved with the American Legion for 42 years, and for the past 20 years I’ve been Post Commander of Post 224. Our Post has two food booths on the DLS grounds. We cook breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings of the Logging Show, starting at 6:00 a.m., and hamburgers and hot dogs after breakfast, continuing until the show ends. These booths are our Post’s only fundraiser, and all the money we make goes back into our community.

      Born in Whatcom County, I was raised on a small dairy farm on the Pole Rd. and graduated Meridian High School in 1965. I joined the Air Force in August of 1965 and was discharged in 1969 and went to work bucking logs behind Sherman Ousdale. In 1971 my cousin Fred Knutzen and I took a cutting contract for Skagit Logging Company, which started a 20 year career in contract cutting.

      1971 was also the year I married the Love of my life with whom I will be celebrating 50 years this June, Linda Fiddler. We have three wonderful children: Heather Knutzen, Kristin (Jason) Syre, and Erik (Monica) Knutzen. They have given me eleven grandchildren: Cassie, Madison, Cameron, Keaton, Henrik, Elijah, Keala, Ezra, Desmond, Maija and Sylvia. They are the joys of my life.

      Over the years I cut timber for Ted Palmer & Connie Burgstead – Skagit Logging Co., Bob Haner – Haner Logging Co., Dean and Denny Hamilton – Hamilton Logging Co., Howard Hammer – Washington Loggers Inc., Bill Corning – Corning Logging.

      I consider myself lucky to have been born at the right time. When I started in the woods, direct drive chain saws had just come out, also steel  towers, and we still had big timber! I got to work with the best of the men, in the best of the timber. I spent 22 years cutting old growth timber. In my bragging year, my crew cut 67 million board ft of timber.

      In 1991 I quit contract cutting due to the spotted owl and State Industrial Insurance rates. Jeff Rainey and I started Clipper Investments buying land and timber. After 4 years Jeff went back to farming and I kept logging and land clearing and continue to this day as Knutzen Land and Timber.

      I loved the work I did all my life and enjoyed working with all the men that worked with me over the years.

      I got the nickname “Caveman” when I was working for Sherman Ousdale. I used to get my saw hung up while bucking for Sherman and I would break the handle bars trying to get “unstuck”. I was at Jack McAfee’s saw shop getting new handle bars and Jack said “you’re just like a caveman!” Sherman was standing behind me, therefore I became “Caveman”.

      The following men worked as cutters for me either full or part time over the course of my career.   Bill Jones, Terry Davis, Ron Moline, Walt Mayers, Steve McMurry, Arne Knutzen, Robert Clewons, Steve Smallwood, Mike Tenborg, Denny Newendorf, Ron Moa, Kjell Espeland, Willis Moore, Vincent Kucera, Mike Quintona, Rusty Johnson, Randy Queen, Brad Wyman, Henry Sherman, Gordy Jenson, Brett Engholm, George Riddel, Ray Sygatowicz, Jim Harman, Kevin O’Brien, Carl Belguard, Ken Gates, Gary Bisby, Ed Westergreen, Ron Medford, Rick Tinley, Steve Williamson, Mick Russel, John Milson, Ed Rayfield, Ron Trenton, Steve Scott, Mick Buchanon, Mike Gandy, Len Hooper, Chuck Hooper, Glen Adams, Don Dekator, Jay Harvy, Jack McCormick, Bill Bennett, Reed Hamstead, Mike Haner, Dave Dellinger, David Consens, & John Alberts.

      Besides the men that worked for me, it was an honor to work with and for these men: Bob Haner, Archie Pullar, George Charles, Dean and Denny Hamilton, Howard Hammer, Bill Blockley, Bill Corning, Gordy Iverson, Bill Corning, Bill Carlson, Pete Nelson, Vic Engholm, Fred Knutzen, “Dealer” Dick Johnston, Ken Pearson, Sherman Ousdale, Ralph Minaker, Gordy Scott and many more. They were all honorable men of the times that will never be repeated!

      I would like to say that this generation of Logging Show officers and workers are doing an excellent job of keeping the Deming Logging Show going. Us old loggers are proud of you! Keep up the good work.

                                                          Thank you,

                                                                       Brian Knutzen

2019 Deming Logging Show Winners!

Deming Logging Show Winners
2019 Show

Nick VanBrocklin

All Around Logger:
Nick VanBrocklin

Gold Axe:
Dave and Shelly DeBruin

Silver Axe
Justin Offredi
Trevor Baisden
Marcy Poortinga
Jodi Compton

President Watch
Joan Hammer and Doreen Wiebee

Most Active Non-Contestant
Tanner Poortinga

Bronze Axe -Pres. Special Award
Steve Williamson

Best Load of Logs
1. Frank Harkness Trucking & Logging #22
Driver: Randy Hamilton
Loader: Butch Harkness
Logger: Frank Harkness Trucking and Logging
2. R & B Rathjen Trucking #1
Driver: Ryan Rathjen
Loader: Randy Anderson
Logger: Nielsen Bros.
3. Rob Graham Trucking #47
Driver: Chris Husby
Loader: Tony Zender
Logger: Saxon Contracting

Best Load of Logs–Doubles
1. Rob Graham Trucking #41
Driver: Aaron Stacy
Loader: Butch Harkness
Logger: Frank Harkness Trucking and Logging

Axe Throwing
1. Bryce Blockley 25
2. Kris DeKriek 24
3. Chris Hamilton 22 – 12

Cable Splicing
1. Ryan Lenssen/Erik Anderson 1:36.13
2. Justin Offredi/Phil Zwick 2:16.03
3. Nick DeKriek/Lars Robinson 2:58.51

Chain Saw Bucking (Modified)
1. Kendal Cain 4.86
2. Andrew Hodder 5.06
3. Phil Zwick 5.53

Chain Saw Bucking II (Stock)
1. Gage Robinson 5.70
2. Andy Hodder 5.94
3. Andy Rolston 6.13

Chain Saw Bucking III (140CC)
1. Harold Lewis 3.37
2. Andrew Hodder 5.06
3. John Babbitt 5.37

Choker Setting
1. Bryce Postlewait 21.55
2. Tyler Bergstrom 22.00
3. Jacob White 22.39

Double Bucking
1. Kendal Cain/Gage Robinson 21.54
2. Kris DeKriek/Nick VanBrocklin 21.79
3. Jim Kyle/Jason Henningson 28.72

Hand Bucking
1. Nick VanBrocklin 34.44
2. Les Kyle 46.29
3. Ed Williams 55.60

Hot Saws
1. Nick Taklo/ Bubba Simplot 1.28
2. David Thompson/John Babbitt 1.47
3. Tim Brownrigg/Andy Hodder 3.41

Iron Man
1. Nick VanBrocklin 1:25.65
2. Clint Stafford 1:56.87
3. Will Mathews 2:01.75
4. Les Kyle 2:17.03

Kids Log Rolling
1. Gunner Rathjen
2. Breckin Fowler
3. Zack Richter

Kids Speed Climbing 30ft
1. Isaac Northington 55.13
Kids Speed Climbing 50ft.

Log Rolling
1. Skylar Isaacson
2. Carsen Monaghan

Loggers Relay
1. Strider Const. 1:14.68
2. 3 Rivers Cutting 1:24.38
3. Team USA 1:26.75

Ma and Pa Bucking
1. Ed Williams/Jerilyn Klix 14.98
2. Andy Rolston/Melani Keel 22.46
3. Justin Offredi/Meg Offredi 27.81

Novice Hand Bucking
1. Jacob White 33.82
2. Gage Robinson 40.93
3. Justin Offredi 42.50

Novice Log Rolling
1. Chris Rathjen
2. Jordan Hughes

Novice Speed Climb
1. Brian Binder 25.74
2. Reed Jonker 37.17

Obstacle Choker Setting
1. Carsen Monaghan 23.10
2. Jake Sande 32.94
3. Bryce Blockley 40.77

Pole Falling
1. Nick VanBrocklin 52.97
2. Kris DeKriek 53.33
3. Les Kyle 56.74

Speed Climbing
1. Carsen Monaghan 20.31
2. Travis Bouwman 21.27
3. Tyler Bergstrom 27.15

Speed Climbing-Championship
1. Brian Bartow 24.35
2. Nick Hall 24.44

Standing Block Chop
1. Nick VanBrocklin 19.57
2. Les Kyle 29.70
3. Clint Stafford 32.26

Trailer Backing
1. Les Kyle 8.58
2. Chris Husby 9.92
3. Matt Zender 9.94

Tree Topping
1. Travis Bouwman 1:19.61
2. Tyler Bergstrom 1:26.84
3. Nolan Meece 1:48.97

1. Kids
2. Loggers

Wrapper Throwing
1. Mark Silves 1:27.69
2. Chris Husby 1:31.38
3. Les Kyle 1:31.91

Show and Shine

Highway Division
1. VanderYacht
2. Bert Matter
3. VanderYacht

Low Boy Division
1. Payload
2. Verbeek
3. Alfie Berg

Dump Truck Division
1. R Transport
2. Hayter
3. P & P

Log Truck Division 2004 and older
1. Pacific
2. Fletcher
3. Zee Bros #9

Log Truck Division 2005-2014
1. Rathjen #1
2. K & D #1
3. Eastwood #3

Log Truck Division 2015-Newer
1. Harkness #22
2. Mt. View #12
3. RGTI #44

Antique Division
1. Milky Way
2. Jerry Hammer
3. Steve Cowden

Show Truck
1. J & B
2. Terry Bosman
3. Verbeek

Best in Show
1. LeBeau Bros.