ANDY 2014Andy Larsen- 2014 Log Show President

As I sit here contemplating what to write as a 3rd year president, I am again struck by what an honor it is to be your president for another year. Even though I was born and raised in Eastern Montana, I have had the privilege to call Whatcom County my home for the last 30 years. Twenty five of those years have been in and associated with the timber industry. I started in the rigging as a young man and have worked my way up to owning and operating my own lowboy business, Lowboy Specialties since 2005.

New for me this year, is the pleasure of having my wife Johnna work alongside me as the Ladies
Auxiliary president. This is the first time in Log Show history that husband and wife have served as
president at the same time. She is a great partner in life and I am excited to see what we can accomplish this year for the benefit of this great organization. Johnna and I both know how many tireless volunteer hours it takes to keep this place running and we are excited to get to work with such great people to have another successful year.

I was born in MT June 14, 1968. I was raised on a wheat farm in Choteau. My parents and sister still live in this small farming community. Growing up in this environment meant I had a lot of opportunities to experience many different types of work. The most exciting for me was working with my dad’s cousin tom at his dirt moving business. I operated Dozers, Scrapers, Graders and at age 17, my first lowboy. My extent of my training was loading a D-8 Dozer and Tom saying “follow me and don’t wreck it.”

Andy TruckI moved to Washington in June 1989. I had big hopes of marrying a certain girl and realizing a lifelong dream of logging. John Lootens got me my first job. This began the wild ride to where I am today. The main companies I worked for were Bill Corning, Alpine, Two Horse Timber and ALRT. I have met many great people along the way and was able to try my hand at logging, road building and trucking. I have always had a love for logging but could never seem to get away from trucks. I bought my first log truck in 2001. I eventually added 3 more trucks that I could quick change in the winter to haul flowers. In 2005 I bought Lowboy Specialties from Ray Reamer and have never looked back. I have the pleasure of hauling for many local logging and construction companies and am so grateful for their confidence in me. I continue to strive to give them the best service possible. I was a contestant at the Deming Log Show as a young man and in recent years I have served as secretary and vice president. I have always appreciated this organization but in recent years have come to love it as well as the people that make it work. Being elected President is on the greatest achievements I think I will earn in my lifetime. I am truly honored. By the way, I got the girl too! Johnna and I have been married 24 years and have 2 amazing children, Kalyn and Jake.

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